Ukrainian Women in the EU

Meet Ukrainian Woman in the EU

After evacuating Ukraine I headed to Moldova then on to Bucharest. It’s a sensible choice that is an established EU country. Overall, it is not super expensive, and the people are friendly. Yes, it’s true you can get scammed there pretty well but then that also happens in every major city in the USA and across the world. Romania is an EU country but its currency is still native and the Lei conversion is about 4.6 to 1 US Dollar. An apartment on Airbnb ranges from $22 to $35. I had a coupon on Airbnb and stayed a whole month for $460 with a monthly discount and some negotiating. Don’t pay more than you need to and remember that an apartment in Bucharest is no more than $500 a month for most residents.

Meet Ukrainian Woman in the EUMeet Ukrainian Woman in the EU
With Ukrainian women leaving because of the Russian invasion, countries like Romania have become the new horizon for dating a single Ukrainian woman. Germany, Poland, and really all of the EU have opened their doors. With no other reason to stay in Bucharest, I flew to Copenhagen, Denmark. The airport was small but modern and the people are super friendly. Denmark is not quite an EU country but the standard of living is good there and the people are ranked among the happiest in the whole world. The municipalities in Denmark have really stepped up for refugees and offer excellent services for those in need. In my experience, Denmark was rather expensive, and unless you really plan on meeting a Ukrainian in Denmark, perhaps just stay for a day or 2, if the dating scene is not the best. I will write about COVID rules in the EU from my point of view in my next blog but let’s stick to dating.
I did fiddle with the idea of a dating agency for Ukrainian women that had become refugees in Europe but I just had too much going on at the time. On Slavic Girls, we are starting to see the EU blue logo on some of the female member pages. Guys, now is your chance to date a wonderful Ukrainian woman and also expose her to western standards on most things. English is widely spoken and if she is new to the EU and has not traveled outside of Ukraine a lot she will be rather impressed with how things are in the EU. From Denmark, I took a train to Naumburg, Germany where I stayed in a 700-year-old villa. My hosts made a habit of remodeling old homes and flipping them for a huge profit. I have some pictures to accompany this blog. I felt like I stepped back in time. The room was amazing and the backyard was like a scene from Lord of the Rings, Bilbo’s home to be precise! The prices in Germany were less than in Denmark but they were still very high.
Even in a small city like Naumburg, there were still easily 4,000 Ukrainian refugees there.
There were a few men but mostly there were women with children or their families, including their daughters or aunts or nieces. Guys, there are plenty of chances to work with Slavic Girl administrators to find a good woman in the EU. They can set up all you need and don’t worry, the EU is pretty easy to travel to. Most flights in and out of the EU are not super strict as far as COVID travel goes. I would avoid Lufthansa and Austrian airlines for now. They have huge staffing issues right now. My student and friend Kate are in Italy with her daughter. She tells me there are many Ukrainian women there, and this time of year is great in Italy. I am willing to bet that the agency has a database of women that are EU based now for you to chat with, write to and eventually go and meet. Men, get off your rear end and get motivated. Sure, it is great to get to know a woman online but at some point, you just have to pull the trigger and fly to meet her! I have been to Ukraine and Russia over 14 times, some trips for work, and others for leisure… and yes, for love. I would not change a thing when it comes to the money I spent traveling. It’s far better than endless letters to less-than-reputation dating agencies. If you get a chance, get off your bottom and take a trip to the EU. I do not work for the agency and being that I am a male member myself, I can tell you that nothing is better than meeting face to face the woman at the other end of months of chatting and letter writing. You will wish you had listened to me when winter comes around and you are sitting in your house or apartment all alone. Instead, you could have spent a week or two in the EU with a beautiful woman. You could have explored Europe with a really smart woman with the same goals you have. The EU is open to Ukrainian women to travel across all borders. Simply put, men, there is no excuse now to meet a Ukrainian woman that is waiting to start a home life, a future with endless possibilities waits for you. And men if you get scared or need advice, reach out to the administrator here and they will help you get in touch with me. I don’t have all of the answers but I do know the early warning signs of trouble, and I can show you the things to watch out for! How can I do this?

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Author: Andy Scoggins

Andrew has traveled extensively from his home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina having starting his journey through the former Soviet Union in Winter of 2012 to Novokuznetsk, then on to Ukraine's Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkov, and finally his second home, Odessa.  

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