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Traveling opens borders and nowadays it is so easy to get whenever you always wanted to go. Thousands of people have found their soulmates in another country. Some of them had significant meetings while business traveling, some of them visited new areas for pleasure, and some people discovered the world of Internet dating. Very often when people dream of not being lonely anymore and meeting somebody, it is just enough to go out from the usual circle of communication and makes even little changes in life and it is sure that life will give you new meetings, opportunities, and feelings. If you wish to discover Europe, it will also be a great opportunity to meet somebody who will change your life for the better and who will make your heart beat faster. However, in any dating, there are certain rules and particularities. Meeting people from another country it is necessary to take into consideration that every nation has its own character, traditions, and vision of relationships. In this article, we will discover some general principles of Dating in Europe.

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The Main Features of Dating in Europe

According to the latest statistics, most people meet each other at work, via friends, and on the Internet, including both dating sites and social networks. During the last decade, it has been proven that Internet dating became an absolutely usual thing and it is very common in Europe dating situations when people meet in a big company of friends and then, decide to become a couple and try to see a friend in a new role. This way people feel safe, and they know their partner well, all the features, and habits; very often if you start to date your friend, you even know his or her family. This way of dating is very common, however, it has a lot of disadvantages.

⏩ – New person, a new beginning. A new person in your life brings a lot of new feelings. Everything is unknown and exciting in your new partner. Yes, maybe you don’t know his or her bad features. But on another hand, it is so beautiful to discover your partner with every new meeting, every touch, and every kiss. With your friend you are losing such discovery as your friend is a book that you can adore, however, it is already almost read. The new person will always bring not only new feelings but also new interests, and other new people in your life. If this person is from another country, it is even better, you will have a chance to be involved in a new culture, with a lot of beauty, traditions, habits and so on. Don’t refuse something amazingly new in your life.

⏩ – What if… Of course, at the beginning of any relationship, when we are in love, we want it to last forever… or at least for a lot of years. Unfortunately, all adults understand that sometimes it happens that relationships don’t work. What next? If your partner is out of your circle of friends, your separation will be difficult and painful, however, much easier than the case if your partner is your friend. Some friends will support you, and some of them will support your ex. It will be sad to lose not only your love but also some of your friends.

⏩ – All the time together. We adore spending time with friends. It is proved by the Institute of Sociology and Psychology that couples who give each other personal space are much more fundamental than couples who work together, live together, and do everything together. It seems strange, but it is so. When we fall in love, we want to spend a lot of time together, every minute and every second are not enough. Then, it becomes absolutely normal if people start to have a little bit of their personal space. It is just normal to have different interests and hobbies. And it is good if you meet your friends and your girlfriend with her friends. If all your friends are common, you risk just spending too much time together and it can lead to over-burning of your feelings.

This way we can see that through new tendencies in European dating sites it is better to meet with friends, it is very individual. There are thousands of people who are looking for love on the Internet and they are absolutely right. Internet dating is universal, exactly like the European Union where people travel from country to country easily and with pleasure. People are not limited anymore by borders, so, it is just enough to create them in your head. Try European Dating via Internet sites or dating apps, you will surely find a person who can make you happy.

From Country to Country

Yes, the borders are open. However, countries have several features which can influence your dating strategy. Don’t just forget that any person is individualistic and you can meet a very serious and reserved Italian girl or a very easy-going and a little bit wild Switzerland woman.

✌ – Germany and Switzerland. We united these two countries as most features of dating there are the same. Both men and women there are concentrated on work and mostly they think seriously about relationships later. First of all, for them, it is necessary to make a good career, and win a good position and salary, and only then it is possible to think seriously about relationships. So, it is absolutely normal to meet attractive partners 30-35 years old without too much experience in relationships. Just people there in their young years are concentrated on work and dating at a young age for them it is mostly not too serious time-spending. In these countries, Internet dating is very popular for the same reasons. People rarely have too much time to go to bars and nightclubs and look there for somebody. It is much easier and more comfortable to use a dating app or dating site and meet somebody this way. Dating any person from Germany or Switzerland don’t forget about coming to the date on time. In these countries, punctuality is much appreciated and if you don’t know the city or region well, it is better to go out for the date beforehand as you risk creating a bad impression from the beginning.

✌ – France. Though France is considered a very romantic place, dating there can be very intriguing. Nobody can tell you for sure how it will be there. You can meet an open-minded girl for who sex on the first date is a normal thing or a very conservative young woman who will give you her heart only after several months. Some social articles state that French people are very emancipated and most women do not like traditional ways of dating. It is not true. Any woman appreciates when she is treated as a woman. Flowers are always welcomed in French dating (and not only there). The same way as opening doors and other little signals that will tell your partner that you care about him or her. If you doubt if it is necessary to pay the bill or if it is better to propose your date to share it, just say “it would be pleasant for me if you let me do it”. Even very independent women will melt and will be pleased. By the way, the common tendency in European dating is that most people meet for the first date in a not-too-expensive restaurant and just for a drink or dessert. So, you won’t lose all your salary.:) One more significant feature of French dating is that very often both men and women like flirting there. If you see that a woman of your choice or a man says “no”, but you save eye contact and you feel that this person is interested, try again. Of course, if somebody tells you “no” and there is no eye contact or any other sin of interest, unfortunately, this “no” really means “no”.

✌ – Italy and Spain. Southern countries are known as a place with very attractive and expressive people. They are warm and friendly and sometimes it is possible to confuse these signs of friendship with something bigger. If Spanish or Italian smiles at you like the best person in the world, wait a little bit with conclusions. Maybe this person is just interested in you like a friend. However, it is just better to start closer communication and everything will be clear rather soon. Very often women in these countries are brave enough to take the first step. It can scare a little bit more conservative men, so, if you are going to try Italy or Spain dating, you should be ready for this feature. From another hand, Spanish and Italian men can seem calmer in comparison with women, but they also won’t leave without attention an attractive lonely tourist. In Spain and Italy, people have easier come to tactile relationships. Kissing cheek from the first meeting is very common in these countries (as well as in France, but only cheek). Even a light kiss on the lips is very common among friends and you shouldn’t consider it a sign of a serious relationship. Men usually spoil women with hundreds of compliments, so, though it is very pleasant to hear all these pleasant words, women don’t need to accept it too seriously. If you are a man and you want to win a heart of Southern beauty, just be sincere with her, show your seriousness, and think about how to impress and surprise her. We will give you some dating hints a little bit later.)

✌ – Poland. Dating in Poland has the same common features as in other European countries. However, there is a significant difference. Poland is known as a country where people have strong family values, so, dating in Poland is more considered a way to find really serious relationships and create a family. So, if you are looking for a serious relationship, this country is exactly for you. If you are just looking for a romantic adventure, maybe it is better to choose another place. People there are hardworking and serious and if in other countries you will meet the family of your partner only when your relationship is going to marriage, in Poland you can meet them just after a couple of dates.

Where to Go for the First Date in Europe

As we previously mentioned, in the last decade it is very common in Europe to date people who they already know. It doesn’t mean that it is absolutely impossible to meet new people just on the street, but people feel much safer if they meet somebody they know. If you are just going to meet somebody from Europe, we would advise you to use the service of one of the European dating sites or dating apps as it can allow you to know beforehand the people who can be interested in you. This way you will save your time and force as you will come to the country where you already know people. You will come to somebody who wants to meet you, who is waiting for you, a nice feeling, isn’t it? We would advise you to accept this person or people as a friend first. This way you can communicate with several people and it will be accepted normally. You are communicating with some people via a dating site or dating application, you don’t lie, and you don’t give false promises… This is the best way as you are coming to see friends in the country and after some meetings, you can decide together if something bigger can happen between you or you will just stay good friends. If you start and follow the same strategy, you won’t offend any person and you will avoid misunderstandings and problems. In Internet dating, it is very common that by writing to each other people can have wrong impressions about each other and after the meeting in real life they do not have the same feelings that they expect to have. If you wish to avoid disappointment it is much better to communicate in the position of friends.

The main rule in European dating is that the first date shouldn’t be formal. If you plan at once to wear your best costume or evening dress and go to a romantic dinner, forget at once this idea. It will be good for the third or even fourth meeting when you will both decide that you consider each other as more than friends. For the first meeting, people wear something informal (of course, you shouldn’t forget about their good taste). Very often people go for a walk. If you are for the first time in this city or country, the best idea is to meet for a coffee with dessert and then go for a walk watching some beautiful places in the town or region. The best way is to ask your European date to show you her or his favorite place. This way you will see something new and interesting and you will get closer to your mate knowing more about your common tastes or listening to nice stories from his or her life. Such a way of dating is much more pleasant as people do not feel uncomfortable, and they do not try to be somebody else or impress each other with good manners or professional knowledge of the best wines. Visiting a cozy little café there are no worries about paying the bill as no matter if it is a man who pays it or you pay it separately, coffee and dessert won’t cost too much. Of course, the place of the meeting depends on the taste of the people. If you both like football, why not meet in the sports bar? If you like beer and you know that your mate also likes it, why not meet in a pub to taste the best drink in the region (just the most important is do not taste all of them)? On first dates in Europe, dating is a great way to know each other in a relaxed and pleasant way. What can be recommended?

  • ⏩ Cafes with coffee and desserts. Prices depend on the country. The most expensive prices in Switzerland, however even in this case, coffee for two will cost you about 10-15 euros. Not too much, right? In Poland, prices are the cheapest. For 5 euros you can take not only coffee but even a small dessert.)
  • ⏩ Ice-cream cafes. Mostly in all countries meeting together for a tasty cold dessert becomes more and more popular. In Switzerland and Germany, it will cost you about 3 euros for a ball of ice cream, in France, Spain, and Belgium it will be about 2.5 euros for a ball, in Italy and in Portugal about 2 euros. Such ice cream breaks can be ideal while you are both walking and admiring the sights in summer.
  • Sports bars. It can be a good idea in two variants. First one: you are both fond of one kind of sport, like football, boxing or bicycle. You can meet in a nice pub, drink beer together and watch a favorite sport together. Variant 2: you are both fond of sport and you do it, fitness, gym, yoga, and so on. In this case, you will get more pleasure if you meet in a Healthy style bar for a good smoothie and you will talk about your favorite sport, ways of training sports food, and a lot of other interesting things.:) In any case, the price for such bars will cost you about 20-30 euros for two.
  • Restaurants. This is the variant for one of the next dates when you know that you want to come to closer relationships with your European mate. The best variant is to choose a place beforehand. All the prices and recommendations are on the Internet. Just choose a good place with a cozy atmosphere and with average prices. Too expensive restaurants can have too cold an atmosphere or your mate can feel uncomfortable in such places. Of course, you shouldn’t invite your date to Mcdonald’s or Kebab. Try to choose a restaurant according to the tastes of you both. It is not the first meeting, so you should know what cuisine your mate likes and what kind of places he or she likes. Try to choose a place near the park, or water, if you are planning to walk later or try to think about other cultural programs, like going together to the theater, art gallery, cinema, excursion and so on. Just the most important, choose something that you both like. Your partner will feel if you choose an activity to please your mate, but it is not interesting for you at all. Prices in restaurants depend on the country, city, and the choice of dishes. In Switzerland it will be necessary to have about 80-100 euros in the pocket, in Poland 40 will be enough. Just consult the necessary sites beforehand.

Women’s Demographics in Europe

Statistics state that for 2022 in Europe there are 384,6 million women for 358,9 million men. So, it is not surprising that a lot of these women are free and looking for relationships. Except for native European citizens, you can meet people from all over the whole world. Some of them are coming to Europe for business reasons. Some of them moved with their parents in childhood, and some of them came to Europe looking for a better life. In any case, Europe is the continent with the biggest variety of nationalities and races. In general, there are no limits on communication for all these women. The most important thing is to be tolerant and respect all cultures. In Europe, people accept calmly that neighbors can be people of another nationality or race and it is important to answer all people with the same tolerance. If you are meeting an attractive person and you are having long eye contact, you can approach and start a conversation. Just it is important to be more than respectful with women of other cultures and especially with Muslim women as some Muslim families still have traditional views on marriage and do not allow marriages with non-Muslim men.

Paid Dating Sites Vs Free Dating Sites

With the high speed of daily life, people often do not have time or opportunity to take care of their personal life in reality. This is the reason why more and more people trust dating sites and dating applications in the desire to find happiness. This way of dating has a lot of advantages:

  • ✅ Coziness. It is not necessary to go to noisy clubs, try to meet other singles there (and instead of meet not very honest non-singles), and spend time, moral force, money, and so on. It is just enough to have access to the dating site (mostly registration on the dating sites is free) or download a dating application. You can go to online live chat or write a little message to your favorites just on the coffee break or when you are going home on public transport (or you are waiting in a traffic jam). At any time and in any place you can communicate. Just great!
  • ✅ Safety. You can meet bad people everywhere and the Internet is no exception. However, if you do not give your personal information, if you don’t send money to a person who you don’t know at all if you do not click on doubtful links, and if you are careful with your other personal and financial data, you can be sure of your safety. Of course, if you also want to be sure that you are communicating exactly with the person from this photo and this profile, it is necessary to join a paid site. Only they check carefully all the clients and guarantee protection.
  • ✅ Variety. Now there are so many possibilities and cultures in the world. If before people met each other just in their town or area, now with open borders it is even silly to limit yourself. Who knows, maybe your perfect person is waiting for you in Poland? Or maybe your mate is from Spain? You will never know until you try. To decide what kind of person you wish to meet it is necessary to read information about other cultures and dating in different countries. If you decide that you have the same vision of family as people from this country, the best option is to join a dating site in this country or try International dating on a respected dating site or application. Only sites with a good reputation and many stories of success can give you perfect service and help you to find your soul mate in any country. An example of such a site can look this way: If you have no time to search, you can also try the Matchmaking service. Serious dating sites have such an option that gives you the possibility to not waste your time and have good results in a short time.
  • ✅ Guaranties. There is no site or application which gives you a guarantee for sure that you will meet your perfect man or woman with their help and that you will happily live together for long years and you will have three amazing kids. If anybody gives you such guarantees, be careful, there is a big chance that they are scammers!!! Choosing the right site or application for you, be very careful! Good dating sites can guarantee you only the possibility of meeting a lot of people who can potentially be your ideal partner. If you wish to have individual help, they provide you with such service. However, they cannot guarantee that feelings will happen between you and your mate. They give you help, coaching, possibilities, guiding, but it depends only on you how you use them.
  • ✅ Services. When you try to find somebody in daily life, mostly you do it alone. It is better not to trust the opinions of friends or family as your personal life is only your personal life. They can agree or not agree with your choice of partner, but it depends only on who you meet, date and love. Dating sites give you different services and you can trust their consulting. Mostly on such sites, you meet professional matchmakers (preferably if they have a certificate or diploma). They are interested in making you happy as happy stories for them are the meaning of their success. They can give you not only a translation (which is very important especially if your mate is speaking one of the rare languages, Google is still not perfect in translation), but a lot of other services. If in daily life for you it can be difficult to decide what kind of gift to offer to your mate and organize it, on the site you can have a big choice of presents, read some articles about the appropriate gifts in this country, choose and they will make everything for you. You will just need to enjoy happy photos of your beauty with your present. Except for the present choice, you can order different tours, help in the organization of your traveling, and have any kind of assistance 24\7.

Most people prefer to use dating apps. The most popular dating applications in Europe are:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Badoo
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Hinge

However, most people are using international dating sites as dating sites can offer various services. Dating applications mostly give only the possibility of communication.

If you do not know if it is better to choose a paid or free dating site, it is better just to choose the site with the best reputation and with the best variety of services. On any dating site, paid or free there are advantages and disadvantages. On the free sites, you should be ready that there you will meet a lot of wrong people, fake profiles, and scammers of all kinds. Of course, you are a reasonable person and you know how to be careful with your money. However, these people are often really professional in their criminal actions and you risk staying without money with a broken heart and with no chance to find this person as very often this person just doesn’t exist. There are whole teams who create fake profiles, and fake stories and they also have good psychologists among them. It is better to pay a little sum (on paid sites there are also a lot of free services, bonuses, and special propositions), but know for sure that you are communicating with real people who are looking for marriage.

Matchmaking Services in Europe

As we previously mentioned, good dating sites should have the service of Matchmaking. This is a service for people who want to have good results in a short period of time. Most customers have individual coaching, matchmaker helps with the organization of video conferences between people who are interested in each other. When you contact a person on the site, you cannot be sure if this person will answer “yes”. So, the personal search can also give you disappointment. The matchmaker does this work for you and you can be sure that you will have video conferences with the people who are already interested in you. Matchmaking service is often a part of the work of serious international dating sites. There are also individual matchmakers who can propose their services. However, it is better to address sites with several matchmakers as mostly they have a bigger choice of profiles and they have more possibilities to provide you with the service of a good level. For example, you decide to address an individual matchmaker. He has different clients and he cannot give you all his attention. Plus, an individual doesn’t have the time and physical ability to communicate with all his customers, check documents of the customers, help make profiles and photos, take care of the organization of video conferences, and so on. Only a team of people can quickly organize it. Plus, individual matchmakers often have higher prices as they can work with a limited number of clients. Matchmakers on dating sites will give you services of high quality for reasonable money. If you wonder what it looks like. Take a look at this page: International Matchmaking

Dating in Europe is a great opportunity to meet exactly the person you need. Only in Europe, you can meet such a big variety of cultures, nations, traditions, and habits. Only there you can travel to relatively little areas and meet so many different people. And only there dating is easier than in any other place in the world as most countries have no borders between them. Start preparing for your dating beforehand and you will surely find the person who you are looking for!

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