Privacy Policy

The 30 Dates Privacy Policy covers the principles of getting and using users’ personal information. All the data using answers to European Regulation and follow several principles:

  • Lawfulness, transparency, and loyalty. Any personal data can be collected only with the consent of the user- owner of the data. Every time when it is collected, the user is informed that his personal data is collected and for which purposes.
  • Retention of reduced data over time. Any user’s personal data is kept only for a limited period and cannot be used for any purpose after cooperation with the user. When you don’t use the site anymore, any of your personal information cannot be used.
  • Limited purposes. The data can be collected only for one or more purposes determined in Privacy Policy.
  • Minimization of the collection. Only the data which is important for the proper execution of the objectives of the site can be collected.

Personal information is the information that can be associated with the individual. It may include such information as gender, age, name, address, electronic address, and phone number. There are two types of personal information provided: the one which users provide us directly and the one which is collected in a non-direct way.

1. The information is provided by you directly when you become a member of the site.

Such information can be divided into Public and Private.

  • Public information is general information that describes you, however, it cannot help other users to contact you directly. It includes name, gender, age, country, city, date of birth, marital status, children, education, occupation, eye color, weight, height, hobbies, and photos. Users are free to use nicknames instead of real names and users are free to provide the full information describing them or not provide. However, as the goal of the site is to help people to meet each other and find partners, it is preferable to provide other members of the site with the full information about you which can help you to be contacted by the person who is truly interested in you. This is also the reason why we encourage people to submit their true information.
  • Private information is the information that can be seen only by the administration of the site and which cannot be shared with any other people, including members of the site or people out of the site. It can include email address, username, and user password. You can add a phone number, postal address, or other information which can help to contact you, like Skype information. This information can be used only for ease of cooperation with you and only for communication with the administration of the site.
  • All the payments are made via the PayPal service and they are protected by the PayPal system. The site does not have any access to your card’s number or to any of your other financial information.

2. Information that is not provided to us directly.

The site automatically gathers information that is not given directly by the user. It means the information about your IP address. This information is collected from all the users and it serves for optimization and safety of site use.

The cases when your personal information can be shared.

The administration of the site does not show, share, and do not sell any kinds of personal information of the site users. The only case when the site can share personal data is when a site member directly expresses his desire to share his personal information with the other member of the site.

  • For American Citizens, there is an IMBRA form that should be filled out when a male member of the site is planning to continue direct communication with a female member of the site. This formality is a must according to American Law regarding personal information sharing.
  • The site administration does not work with members younger than 18 years. If during the collection of the information administration finds out that one of the members of the site is younger, it stops immediately the cooperation with this member.
  • Cooperation with the site partners. Site partners can see only the Public information of all the members. Any personal information cannot be shared with any site affiliate partners for any purposes, business or personal.
  • Cookies are used for recognizing your device and giving you access to the site and services. When a member enables cookies, it gives the site the possibility to work correctly. If you are willing to control your cookies, you can check the appropriate tag in your browser settings.
  • If the site changes any point of the Privacy Policy, all the members will get the appropriate notification by email or any other way which is comfortable for the user. If a member does not accept the Privacy Policy of the site, it cannot give the service to the following member.

All the data of the members of the site are protected by the SSL Certificate and PayPal system service of safe payments. We protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or data, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, site administration will be glad to answer any of your questions. Please, follow the information from the page Contact Us.