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Dating in Australia 2024 — Meet Single Girls and Mature Women. Australian Dating Sites

Australia, the Land Down Under, is one of the most visited destinations in the world with over 8, yes 8(!), million people visiting each year. With its countless natural wonders, extensive wildlife, and beautiful beaches, it is easy to see why so many people make Australia on top of their holiday wishlist. Add in the large expanses of the outback and the cosmopolitan metropolises and you have the whole package for someone looking for adventure. When we say adventure we do not just mean in the short term or trekking through the outback. Many people choose to move to Australia to embrace the Aussie culture and become one with the laid-back outlook on life that emanates from all corners of this wonderful island! From the bustling rooftop bars of Melbourne to the sandstone monolith that is Ulru, the architectural wonders of Sydney to the gorgeous fringing reefs of Exmouth (no, not that one in England) Australia has something for everyone! Looking for the Aussie love of your life? Wanting to find out a bit more before heading over to the Land Down Under? Maybe you are moving to Australia and want to get ahead of the game before your arrival. Read on to get all the information you could possibly need!

Prices in Australia

Now, whenever you travel anywhere around the world the most important thing to get right is how much money to take! You do not want to get partway through your trip, partway through a date(!), and discover you have run out of money! To ensure you are fully prepared and not out of pocket we have looked into the average price of some of the key elements to make your trip a successful one! Please note that the prices we have given are averages or a range. The actual price you could pay will vary depending on the venue, location, and date of your visit.

The classic date, a meal — if you are planning on whisking your date out for a delicious meal so that you converse while enjoying some delectable food it is important to know what to expect… price-wise! A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in Australia will set you back, on average, $105 with a possible range of $70-$215. The range shows that no matter what your budget you can head off for a wonderful meal.

  • Coffee — headed out for a quick coffee date? A regular cappuccino will, on average, cost around $5. Obviously, this price will change if you pick a more flamboyant drink or add a little something sweet alongside your drink. You and your date can enjoy a drink while getting to know each other better without breaking the bank.
  • Wine/beer — you and your date fancy something a little stronger? Looking for a bit (make sure only a little) of Dutch courage? Head out to one of the many wine bars or pubs for a drink. A pint of domestic beer will cost you around $9 whereas a 330ml bottle of imported beer will cost $10. A mid-range bottle of wine will cost around $18. These prices will vary depending on the venue you head to!
  • Bottle of water — Australia is known for its extremely hot summers and there is no doubt that you and your date will need to cool off! A 1.5l bottle will cost around $2.5 and smaller bottles will cost less! Cool off without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Ice cream — it’s roasting hot, and you’re walking with your date along the Exmouth coastline and need a cold, sweet treat. Grab an ice cream for you and your date and cool down while the date hots up! The price will vary depending on the establishment but you will pay somewhere between $3-10.

Transport in Australia

The flights are booked, your wallet is well stocked and you are getting ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Now is the time to start looking into other important parts of your trip, the first being transport. It is vital to have a solid understanding of how to get around while in Australia. Before reading on you need to note that the cost of each mode of transport will vary depending on which part of Australia you are in so make sure to investigate the cost of transport in the area you are heading to! Most public transport services also use ticketless access, so look into which travel card you will need.

  • Cycling — many people choose to explore Australia and get some exercise at the same time. You can rent a bike for as little as $40 a day with some services giving you the option to keep the bike overnight. Make sure you read the rules of the road!
  • Buses and coaches — many people choose to get a bus as they tend to be cheaper and run on a regular schedule. Most of the bus services in Australia take a prepaid card while some still offer you the chance to purchase a ticket from the driver. Depending on the distance of your journey you will look to pay around $4.5 for a one-way ticket. It is wise to look into the local prices before you make your way to Australia so that you are prepared.
  • Trains/ Subway — These are one of the country’s most accessible and convenient modes of transport that connect to every part of Australia using almost 34,000km of track! Whether using a train or light rail you will pay somewhere between $2.8-10. This price varies depending on which part of Australia you are heading to and whether you are traveling one way.
  • Taxi/ Uber — These tend to be the most accurate form of transport as you don’t have to think about when to get off and can concentrate on talking with your date! So, if you choose to use one of these services you can expect to pay around $2 per km and a $4 standard pickup fare. While these workouts are more expensive they are favored for their direct, more personal nature.

Hotels in Australia

Your flights are booked, your wallet is primed and ready and you know how to get around. Next on the agenda is to book somewhere to stay. A lot of this will depend on your budget and what you are looking for in a hotel. Some look for the basic amenities, a place to lay their head while others want more of an experience whereby their accommodation has a little more to offer. Australia is a sizable country and so instead of telling you about individual hotels we’ve decided to delve into some of the more popular hotel chains to guide you. We have done our best to give you up-to-date prices but you must remember these will vary from hotel to hotel and can also be location dependent! Take a look and use our information to inform a much deeper search!

  • The Mantra Hotel Groups — these include the Peppers, Mantra, BreakFree, and Accor hotels. Many of the hotels in this group that are located near the coast offer stunning sea views. Many offer studio-style apartments or 1 or 2 bedrooms apartments. Many feature an outdoor pool and spa, room service, and WiFi (fees may apply). The hotels feature excellent restaurants, bars/ lounges, and express services. Rooms often start around $188 per night depending on who you book through! The Mantra hotels are well known for their excellent service and beautiful accommodations. Book now to avoid disappointment!
  • Accor Hotels — While Accor and Mantra are part of the same group, Accor also offers some other hotel chains such as Ibis, Novotel, Sofitel, and Mercure. Many hotels within this chain offer a pool, fitness center, and/or spa. The onsite restaurants offer delicious meals at very good prices, with breakfast often included. Whether in a room or a suite, you will receive a safe, fridge, and room service. Most of the hotels in this group offer either free or paid WiFi. The price range for this group goes from $170-300 per night depending on location and the specific hotel you pick. Search for the hotel chain names mentioned above to narrow your search and help you book exactly what you are looking for!
  • Oaks — a smaller yet still popular chain is Oaks, situated in many parts of Australia. Rooms feature flat-screen TVs, WiFi, and private balconies. The hotels boast wonderful restaurants, pools, and fitness centers, providing you with all you need to eat well and stay in shape during your visit. Rooms will cost you around $200 per night.
  • Travelodge – Yes, there are Travelodge hotels in Australia! It could be you are looking for a budget hotel that you treat as a base, a place to rest rather than an environment where you will spend a lot of time. These hotels will cost around $150 per night which will include a flat-screen TV, blackout curtains, and soundproof rooms. The hotels themselves have onsite restaurants and free WiFi.

It is important to remember that there are quite literally thousands of hotels in Australia and the one you choose will be very specific to your needs and desires. Do some research on sites such as Trip Advisor to find the hotel of your choice.

Female Demographics in Australia

You’ve booked your hotel, got your Australian Dollars, and are all set for the trip of a lifetime to find your true love. So, how easy is it to find love in Australia? Well, the good news is that of the 25 million (ish) people who live in Australia, just over 50% are female. This means every other person will be a female, making the odds of meeting ‘the one’ very likely! Australia is becoming more and more diverse making the chance of meeting a non-Australian just as likely. Traveling from Ukraine or looking for your Ukrainian princess? There are around 38,000 Ukrainians living in Australia. This means you can easily find your Ukrainian beauty no matter which part of Australia you visit!

Where to Meet Australian Women?

Ah, the age-old question, where do I meet the woman of my dreams? Everyone asks this question and while some might say that actively looking for a partner is difficult it does not hurt to think about particular places that may help you with your search! We would highly recommend heading to places of interest to you. What better way to make a connection than with someone who has the same interests as you? We’ve compiled a list of the possible places to meet your Aussie love but remember, there are many, many more!!

  • — This site is perfect for you to meet new people and, who knows, ultimately find the love of your life. You can search for local groups of interest to you such as sports, reading, cooking, and more! This is a perfect way for you to make friends and meet people with similar hobbies. This friendship could develop into much more!
  • Beach — Australia is known for its stunning beaches. If you’re feeling confident you could approach a beautiful lady on the beach and introduce yourself. You could use the tactic of your beach ball rolling in her direction. A smile, apology, and hello could take you from beach to boyfriend!
  • Bar/ Nightclub — This may seem cliche but you may meet the woman of your dreams in a bar or nightclub. There are many fantastic venues in Australia which could make it hard to pick which one to attend! Now, approaching someone in a bar takes a lot of…..confidence. If this sounds like you then you have a plethora of choices when you take a trip down under!
  • Landmarks — from the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has many, many destinations that you could head off to and meet your future love. Going to such famous landmarks, especially ones that interest you, could help you meet someone who enjoys visiting the same places as you. Strike up a conversation or ask a question about where you are and who knows, that simple question could start your journey to love!
  • Sports centers/classes — sporty? Gym goer? There are many different gyms and sports venues across Australia where you can attend a class or hit the gym. Many of these classes will take place on the beach, what could be better? Exercise is perfect for your physical and mental health. You and your future love could make a connection while improving your physical health. Who knows… You could begin attending classes together or creating your own exercise routine!
  • Speed dating — is a truly classic way of meeting someone. You have a couple of minutes to tell them the basics about yourself and learn a little about them. These few minutes stop the tension and allow you both to find out a little bit of information before hopefully setting up a future date. Then you can slow down and truly get to know each other better.

Let’s be honest, you could quite literally meet the love of your life anywhere! A simple smile across the room in a coffee shop, bumping into someone in a bar, or asking for information about the Opera House could lead to you introducing yourself to your Aussie princess. It all depends on how confident you feel when searching for love. If you’re happy to put yourself out there you may head for the livelier, more public venues whereas the shyer people among you may edge towards the quieter, safer options. Whichever option you choose, make sure you remember to do one thing….be yourself!

Dos and Don’ts of Dating an Australian Woman

Do’s Don’ts
✅ DO act like a gentleman. Yes, many Aussie women love their sports and drink but will still want to be treated like a lady and not one of the lads. Flowers go a long way and thinking outside the box for romantic dates will make a big impact. ❌ Don’t take their direct nature as insulting it’s just the way they are! Aussies are direct and say it how it is which is actually a great trait but sometimes they can be too honest. Treat it as a good thing and don’t take offense!
✅ DO pay attention and listen, they are laid back not asleep! Communication is key and a bored Aussie lady is one that will walk away. Keep the conversation going, listen to what she has to say, and respond accordingly! ❌ Aussies are, by nature, very laid-back people. However, Don’t take this as meaning they are walkovers. Being laid back means you may have to take control over date locations etc but they will not be controlled.
✅ DO make an effort. Obviously, you will not wear a smart shirt to the beach but dress appropriately for the date at hand. Trust us, your Aussie lady WILL notice and it WILL make a difference! ❌ Don’t get too drunk. Aussie’s like a good tinny but that doesn’t mean they will be happy with you turning up or getting too drunk. Take it steady and enjoy the date without hitting the Dutch courage too much!
✅ DO think outside the box. We mentioned it briefly but when planning a date it is best to not go for the obvious. If you’re visiting Sidney your Aussie date has probably been to the Opera House….think again! ❌ Don’t make fun of the accent. We’ve all said it…” “Good day mate, throw another shrimp on the barbie” but it doesn’t mean your date wants to hear it. They will more than likely take offense and not find it funny!

Online Dating in Australia

Online dating is a worldwide phenomenon that changed everything we knew about dating when it hit the internet in 1995. Since then online dating has become safer and more secure! With many dating sites proving popular in Australia, there is no shortage of ways to find your Aussie date! Visiting sites such as eHarmony, Bumble, or Tinder will guide you on your way to finding love in Australia. We hear you ask, why should I enter the online dating world? Isn’t it all fake? (NO!) Don’t people only make choices based on appearance? (NO!)

Below are just some of the many reasons you download that app, join that site and start your online dating journey!

  • Get to know each other before meeting in person. You can use this time to discover your similarities and differences. The conversation is key and asking questions is of vital importance!
  • No awkward silences on the first date. Is there anything worse than this? Many people feel more confident talking via email or instant messaging. Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know someone without the added pressure of them looking at you across the table.
  • If you realize that a connection is not being made or that you are too different you can part ways easily and amicably while continuing your search. This is not always easy to do when dating face-to-face as letting someone down is not an easy thing to do.
  • Dating more than one person at a time is definitely a no-go. However, in the online dating world, it is completely normal for both parties to be talking to multiple people.
  • Keep your search specific! You can narrow the search, using the tools provided, to find exactly who you are looking for.

A very popular site for searching for the Ukrainian Woman of your dreams is dating site. This site allows you to search for your ideal Ukrainian woman with the help of an awesome office-based team! Slavic-Girl offers the option of free live chat with women and paid services. No matter which option you choose, the team will definitely help you on your romantic journey. Their primary goal is to find the special one for everyone! You can also read about their many success stories with over 700 happy couples (click the link to read these!) being created, with many leading to beautiful weddings and many years of happy marriage. Slavic girl creates bonds of culture, connections of the heart, and love stories that should be written in fairytales.

So….Paid Dating Sites Vs Free? Should you venture down the free road or pay to take a taxi to your future love? Below are just some of the things to consider.

  • While free sites don’t require any payment this does leave them open to people using them for the wrong reasons. On a paid online dating site the people that you are talking to will genuinely want to be there, why would they pay to mess about?
  • Security is key. Paid websites offer much tighter security and, more often than not, a dedicated team that will help you throughout your romantic search. Your subscription fee paves the way to finding love by giving you the opportunity to seek assistance and know that who you are talking to is who they say they are.
  • Paid websites often screen their members to ensure they are suitable for others to contact. This means that their history etc is explored and if they are deemed to be unsuitable for using the site they are not permitted to do so, thus protecting those who are looking for love.

Ultimately, the decision is yours but can you really put a price tag on love? Just make sure that you read what each site can offer you and make an informed choice, not just the first site you visit!

Questions and Answers about Dating in Australia

❤️  How Do You Date an Australian Girl?

While there are a lot of things to consider here you must remember one thing… straightforward. Aussies are laid back but also straightforward. Don’t mess with her about it, be honest and be open. Your Australian date will be straightforward with you so do the same with her, without being rude!

❤️  What Is the Dating Culture in Australia?

The laid-back nature extends to the dating culture. You will find they are, typically, casual and informal. They usually center around meeting for a coffee or heading to the pub for a couple of drinks. Make sure you sometimes think of activities that differ though, keep it fresh! Dating is also very inclusive, don’t be afraid to make a move. If you happen to bark up the wrong tree you will not be shooed away offensively. One thing to note…it is not unusual to date more than one person, especially at the very beginning. You need to come to terms with this, many people don’t take offense at this but see it as an incentive to win over the other person!

❤️ What Is the Best Dating Site in Australia?

The number of dating apps and sites is HUGE. However, it seems to be Bumble that is leading the way when it comes to online dating in Australia. At the end of the day, it depends on which app/site suits you best!

❤️  Is Dating in Australia Hard?

Many Australians would agree that dating in Australia is much easier than in many other parts of the world. Their laid-back, straightforward nature means that most people are just going with the flow and seeing how things pan out. The only thing that can make it difficult to date in Australia is if you are a bit more tightly strung or need to have set plans all the time. Just chill, relax, and see how things go!

So, you should now be well-equipped with all the knowledge you need to venture into the world of dating in Australia. Sure, you still need to do a little research but we hope you have enough information to take the leap and head to the Land Down Under in search of love!